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The Love Lamp

The Love Lamp

The ultimate party accessory

The LOVE LampTM designed by Marke Newton brings rainbow coloured love into your home. This playful piece of luminous furniture doubles as a side table or a seat and may be stacked to create a colourful luminous L.O.V.E. totem.

The LOVE LampTM is fully portable and also floats on water. The LOVE LampTM is a high end product measuring 43cm3, weighing 5kgs and is strong enough to stand upon. The cordless rechargeable battery and remote control allow it to be used at a distance, colours may be changed to fit your mood.

With its IPX8 rating The LOVE Lamp TM finds its place just as easily indoors as outdoors, making it the ultimate home, garden and pool accessory.

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The LOVE Lamp is stackable and may be used as a decorative feature indoors or outdoors, all year round. Use four stacked lamps to write the word LOVE.