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How do I change the bulb?

Our lamps do not contain bulbs. We use high-quality custom-made LED circuits.

In the unfortunate event that your light should stop working, it can be replaced with a lighting kit. Please see the procedure below :

  1. Your lamp is still under the two-year warranty, please contact us by email with a copy of your receipt, the plug type (EU or UK), your address and phone number for delivery.
  2.  Your lamp was purchased more than two years ago and is no longer under warranty, you can purchase a replacement electric kit for for €15 right here on the site.


Is it safe to leave the lamp on all night?

The LED diodes inside our lamps maintain a cool temperature even with hours of use, so yes, you can!


What kind of plug does my lamp have?

On our site you can choose between a three-prong type (type G), the kind typically in the UK, or a two-prong type (type C) typically used in all other regions of the EU.


Are Goodnight Light lamps safe for kids?

All our lamps are shatterproof and certified as being safe for kids.

How can I clean my lamp?

Always unplug it before cleaning, and we recommend using a micro-fiber dust cloth.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, all our lamps come with a two-year warranty!


I have a problem with my lamp. What can I do?

If you detect a defect or fault, please let us know within 24 hours of receiving your order, by emailing contact@goodnightlight.fr. If the defect is visible please send us a photo, too.


Can my lamp be used outdoor?

No. Unfortunately they are not certified for outdoor use.