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Piña Colada Lamp

Piña Colada Lamp

Our iconic Piña Colada lamp is Goodnight Light’s bestselling design bringing you tropical warmth all year-round

Designed by Eva Newton and inspired by her love of tropical exoticism, this lamp is a perfect focal point for any space.

Our fun and fruity design works well in a variety of colours, whether you want a retro look on a bar, or a more fruity feel on your mantel. Producing a warm glow, it is an emblem of hospitality, cheering up any space with its friendly light.

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Eva Newton Says:

“The Piña Colada lamp was inspired by my favourite decorative movements – 19th century exoticism and 1950s tiki culture.

For me it’s a celebration of the fruit itself; the instant tropical feel it brings to your kitchen when you add a pineapple to your fruit bowl!

As a lamp, it lights up and adds a touch of tropicalia. It looks great surrounded by natural materials, on wood or cork with leafy plants, or for a more luxurious look, on marble.

My favourites are the warm colours; the yellow and pink, but I have every colour around my house!”