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The Duck Duck Lamp XL White


THE DUCK DUCK LAMP™ designed by Marke Newton is a lantern for kids and grown ups alike who will find in this object all the fun of childhood, reminiscent of a happy bath time or the popular fairground game.

The original Duck Duck Lamp (XL)™ is designed to move around – its cordless rechargeable battery allows it to be transported from its charging dock to any place desired. With a removable metal handle on its head, this lantern re-invents the notion of portable light, turning it into an element of fun design.

With its IPX8 rating THE DUCK DUCK LAMP™ finds its place just as easily indoors as outdoors, making it the ultimate garden or pool accessory.

The original Duck Duck Lamp (XL)™ version measures a practical 30cm.

THE DUCK DUCK LAMP™ is a high end product, manufactured in Spain for consumers or hotels, holiday resorts, yachts or any place that embraces a ‘touch of humour’ with good humour!


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